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Happy Monkey Year Spring Festival 2016

Date: 2016-01-14 17:14 Source: Auroras Lighting Solution(Zhuh | Read:
Dear customers and friends,
Wish all of you Happy Holidays.

We are very busy now,the factory production plans has been set to January 31,so new orders please wait after the Chinese Spring Festival.
Holiday Date:Feb1-Feb15,2016.

As you know,2016 is monkey year,which means flexible,smart.In Chinese literary books,Sun Wukong is the most famous people,all children
admire it's honesty, Integrity,  very much.His successful juourney to Western countries,due to his tough-minded master ,his excellent team and his own hard work.

We will supply better LED lighting products to you ,and more flexible service to all of our customers in the following years.
Our new mould products is under developing,please 
Stay tuned for our Solar LED home lighting system,all-in-one solar LED flood light for outdoor billboard.

All the best
Auroras Lighting Team
January 14,2016


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